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The attorney at Christopher Wilson & Associates can help you with your construction or general business law matter, whether it needs to be settled in or out of court.

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Business Law
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General Business Litigation
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Public And Private Construction Law

Minding Your Legal Needs While You Take Care Of Business

For-profit enterprises are intertwined with business law, but few owners or managers have time to keep updated on the best way to handle day-to-day legal transactions or what to do if they’re faced with a legal conflict. Christopher Wilson & Associates, located in Laguna Hills, helps Orange County companies with both business transactional law matters and business-focused litigation.

Attorney Christopher Wilson can provide counsel and guidance related to drafting or reviewing contracts, overseeing asset acquisitions or navigating employment disputes. If a conflict arises, he has a track record as a successful business litigator. He can help you succeed if you are involved in a lawsuit or assist in the development of a settlement through mediation or arbitration.

A Strong Focus On Construction Law And Litigation

Christopher Wilson, founder of the firm, grew up in a family focused on construction matters. His father was a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, so the impact of the built environment was an everyday discussion topic at home. Mr. Wilson combines his longtime interest in construction with his deep experience in general business litigation to protect clients from lengthy, costly courtroom battles.

Many times, construction disputes can be resolved through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Attorney Wilson can represent you in this process; the outcome can be a settlement that achieves your financial goals and keeps the matter out of court.

Hire A Skilled Litigation Attorney To Settle – And Prevent – Disputes

Legal conflicts require fast action to prevent them from draining your bank account or becoming a threat to your company’s well-being. To schedule an appointment at Christopher Wilson & Associates, call the firm’s office in Laguna Hills at 310-316-2500 or use the online contact form on this website.

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