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Addressing the options when construction disputes arise

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Construction Law |

Any issues that arise during a construction project run the risk of creating potentially costly delays that may place a significant financial strain on all parties involved. Unfortunately, construction disputes can arise at any given moment and stem from a variety of issues. Company owners in California who face such disputes may wish to know more about the available options for dispute resolution and how to tell which option might be the correct path.

Knowing the options

Whether stemming from issues with project design or conflicts over contractual matters, construction disputes run the risk of wreaking havoc on operations. Those who experience such disputes may find it necessary to address numerous topics when exploring their available options for conflict resolution. Such topics could range from addressing the severity of the issues at hand and evaluating their options to find the best path with which to proceed.

When it comes to resolving disputes, company owners may have various options to consider. Some circumstances could prompt a need to file mechanics liens or insurance claims, while other disputes may prompt a need for mediation or arbitration, or in some instances, litigation. Since each available option may function in its own way, knowing how to choose the proper path can seem a challenging endeavor.

Choosing a path

Dealing with construction disputes can be stressful and harrowing and knowing the steps to take to protect one’s interests could also prove an intimidating task. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can examine the circumstances a person in California is facing and provide him or her with insight in making informed choices about the available options. An attorney can help a client work on creating a plan to protect his or her business interests and provide assistance through every stage of the process.