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Proven Legal Representation For Businesses

A successful business requires a strong legal foundation. With a skilled business lawyer on your side, you can focus on what you do best and leave your legal issues in the hands of a professional. In Laguna Hills and throughout Orange County, California businesses can rely on the law firm of Christopher Wilson & Associates to protect their legal and financial interests.

Business Transactions

Purchases and sales are the lifeblood of any business. It is crucial to make sure you are protected with sound contracts for all of your transactions, including those involving:

  • Acquisitions
  • Sales
  • Exchanges
  • Services and equipment
  • Leasing
  • Distribution
  • Development
  • Real property

Attorney Christopher Wilson provides thorough representation tailored to the unique needs of businesses in a wide range of industries. You can rely on him to review your current contracts, draft new contracts and guide you through every step of a business transaction.

Intellectual Property Development And Licensing

Once you develop products, services or information that give you an edge, it is crucial to take legal steps to protect it. Attorney Christopher Wilson can take care of all your intellectual property needs, including pursuing IP litigation when individuals or companies violate your intellectual property rights.

Employment Law For Employers

When your business starts hiring employees, you need a whole new level of legal protection to avoid running afoul of state and federal employment laws. Prevention is the best way to avoid the financial and reputational costs of employment litigation. You can rely on attorney Christopher Wilson to proactively protect you by reviewing your procedures and creating employee handbooks and policies that create a safe and legal work environment. Services include:

  • Employment contracts and hiring procedures
  • Review, drafting and updating of noncompete, nondisclosure and nonsolicitation agreements
  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration

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