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Consumers, contractors, developers and others frequently worry about cost overruns, mistakes and delays in the context of construction projects. Those issues are just as consequential when construction disputes arise. It is important to have an experienced, accomplished attorney looking out for your interests and working to efficiently achieve a positive outcome.

Attorney Christopher Wilson brings a wealth of experience to construction law and construction litigation. He grew up in a family that was focused on construction, as his father was a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. Wilson combines his longtime interest in construction matters with his knowledge of business law and litigation to protect the legal and financial interests of his clients in Laguna Hills and throughout Orange County.

Protecting You From Costly Courtroom Battles

Construction disputes, including those involving contracts, do not have to result in litigation. Attorney Christopher Wilson’s ability to prepare every case for the possibility of trial allows him to negotiate from a position of strength and effectively pivot to litigation only when it is absolutely necessary.

Mr. Wilson’s construction practice includes resolving issues such as:

  • Construction delays
  • Access issues
  • Site availability
  • Contract errors and omissions
  • Licensing issues

He is often able to resolve disputes through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. This saves both time and money for his clients.

Mechanic’s Liens And Stop Notices

Mechanic’s liens and stop notices seem like good ideas on paper. Unfortunately, they are often very unsatisfying in practice.


Mechanic’s liens leave the underlying issue unresolved and, since they are so far down the list of debts to be paid, they do not provide the resources to make things right. A stop notice, on the other hand, is essentially a demand for payment that can take weeks, months or longer to be resolved. Mr. Wilson is skilled at resolving the underlying issues involved in these disputes and can be brought on to defend against liens or to pursue payment. He focuses on resolving these disputes efficiently so his clients can move on with their life without demands for payment hanging over them.

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